Friday, April 30, 2010

you can still attend...

hits and mrs banner

Thursday, April 29, 2010

michelle of hits and mrs.

hits and mrs banner

Hits and Mrs. is a brainchild of Michelle, who goes by the online pseudonym moonchild117. Initially created to be her outlet as she changes her status from single to married (thus the name of the blog as a play to the phrase "hits and misses"), the blog is now a collection of her random thoughts and experiences, be it about her baby, something in the news, or something that just interests her.

hits and mrs 125

She also has other blogs in Blogger and, just recently, Tumblr. Hits and Mrs. though is still her go-to blog for anything and everything under the sun. Probably because she finds it easy to post in Wordpress.


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

rossel, the blog addict

Wow! It’s my pleasure to be the Blogger’s Party host today. When RJ’s Mama invited me to be the host I got so excited. Thank you very much, dear!

Most of you know me for sure, but still I want to introduce myself for the sake of those who haven’t been to my sites yet. My first name is Rosalie, but my loved ones and friends call me ROSSEL. It’s only my dad who was calling me Rosalie when he’s pissed with me every time I sneaked out to attend parties and be with my date. Lol!


I used to be an addict reader. I read everything, as in, even the wrapper of smoked fish as my Mom would say. But when an old friend Payatot, introduced me to blogosphere more than a year ago, I got hooked to it. I find blogging more fun and interesting as I am not only reading here, I am also sharing my thoughts and ideas and most importantly, I am meeting new friends everyday, virtual friends to whom I can share my nightmares, hopes and few of my day to day activities. I even shared to the whole world our family dance video. So if you want to see me and my husband dancing, check it out.

My first site is Topics on Earth. I still remember the day I was thinking of a title for this one. I had 6 titles in mind but everything was already taken so I ended up with Topics on Earth. Why Topics on Earth? Aside from the reason that it was the only one available out of the 6 titles, I would love to post here all possible topics on Earth, except of course for pornography, violence and the like. I was then using the alias Butterfly but then realized to reveal the real me. I can say, my writing has improved a lot compared to my first posts. I even attempted to delete one of my posts, the worst ever…Love is Blind or Nagtatangatangahan Lang, but my blogging friends left comments there that has links to their sites, so I decided not to. My bests ever (at least for me) are my post about my husband, a Tribute to a Great Man and the one about my mother, The Greatest Woman I Know.

From then on three more blogs authored by yours truly emerged, the Mom’s Ups and Downs, Kitchen Essentials and Arts, Crafts and More. Yes, that is how addicted I am to blogging.

Despite all of these, I always find time for my family. I cook for them, do household chores and attend to their needs, play and draw with my daughter, watch movies with hubby every night and I wake up early in the morning and prepare my husband's things for the office even I stayed up until 2am blogging and blog hopping. I maybe an addict blogger but I am proud to say that I am also a very loving and caring queen of our home.

Yeah, I know this is quite long because it reached 588 words. I am just overwhelmed and besides I want to take advantage of this hosting. For those who were invited but haven’t decided yet, decide now or else, you are losing a wonderful opportunity. Don’t let good things slip off your hands. To our regular host, I am looking forward to more guestings here, ehehe! Again, thank you very much for this great opportunity and more power to Blogger’s Party.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

red, the "simple pero rock" mommy

Thank you to RJ's Mama for coming up with this great idea of a Blog Party. Thank you also that she invited me to be a host for a party.

In real life I am known as Mary Rose or simply Marose. But online, I am known as red_amethyst or simply Red. Sometimes, online friends would still call me Red when we meet up. I am a full time employee as Payroll Assistant at a not-so-popular call center in Ortigas, Pasig. I just finished an Associate Degree in Computer Science, so do you ever wonder how I landed as a Payroll Assistant. That would be a long story to bore you :D

I am a mom to Jerome James aka JJ or Jhay - Jhay(just want the spelling to be maarte. lol) and a wife to MJ or Emjhay(yes another maarte spelling courtesy of me). But I am not really maarte, I am just simple. I'm a bit boyish too, I'd rather wear a snickers than a heeled shoes. I enjoy playing with my boys, it may be with the PS2, or a time in the playground or just at home, horsing around playing kilitian na may wrestling, as my son calls it. :D

I'm not complicated but many people find me snobbish at first, maybe because I am really quiet in person especially if it is the first time we met. But once we get to know each other, I have lots of story to tell, from general patronage topic to R18 topics. :D

I do lots online which includes serving food at My cafe(cafe world), harvesting crops(Farm ville), building my own company(Ponzi). I am also fond of playing Plants vs Zombies, Ranch Rush, other online games and a confessed forum addict. I started my blog, Earn Money Online with Red in August 2009, hoping that I can get more referral for my earning sites. But I discovered something else. Blogging is FUN. It's fun reading the different blogs of different people. It's nice getting to know other people online. So I decided to have Simple pero rock, my personal blog. Eventually, I joined different contest, that led me to create Contest & Giveaway craze. A blog dedicated to the different contests online. I am hoping to learn more and more about blogging, and of course, to EARN more and more with blogging. So, if you have any idea to earn, please share it with alright? I would highly appreciate it. lol.

By the way, I have a new baby, My Red Hot Reviews. This site will cater to all the reviews that I will make in the future. My new baby is sad, he has no followers and friends, so please follow me here too and if you are kind enough kindly subscribes to my feeds. thank you so much.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

it's yuuki, the drama queen

Woah! I’ve been in and out of parties this weekend alone. I can’t say no to a fellow GTaker and TPian, also I believe this is a great way to meet other bloggers.

I’m Yuuki, your BlogPartyHost/ess for the day.

I’ve been blogging for almost 11 months now, and I (try to) maintain 6 blogs.

I really am trying but since I’m working 5 days a week, sometimes I tend to neglect some over the other. Same with bloghopping. Guilty, guilty, guilty!

This is my personal blog, I write anything I can think of but mostly about work, family, friends, shopping, gimmiks, etc. This is also my main cash earning blog (not that big but it’s getting there – I hope so!).

I am so addicted to Asian Drama series and besides that I believe life itself is one big drama.

It’s my online money making diary. Learn from my hits and misses in the world wide web.

My fascination with Science and my attempt to simplify it.

I love to read and collect books, mangas and magazines.

A food and travel blog and everything in between.


I guess my blogs speak everything about me.

So, who’s the next BlogPartyHost?

But before that let me invite you to my blogs

It’s Not Always About ME and Drama Queen

1st twinBLOGversary contest!

yuuki's 1st twin blogversary

The contest will run from May1 to 31, I am still finalizing the guidelines and the sponsors (still open for sponsorship). Will keep you updated once it’s final. See yah!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

mommy niko, the brain behind the meme "girls talk"

Hi! I am Niko. I am the blogger behind 7 blogs and counting. Niko's Blog is my first baby in blogging, I started to blog in year 2006 as a stress reliever but later on it became a hobby. I have 3 blogspot blogs; my personal blog aka Niko's Blog, my marriage blog aka Lovers Mushroom, and my daughter’s blog aka Yena’s World. I bought 2 domain blogs last year, the Trendy and Heartily Yours and this blog, Girls Rule, home of the meme Girls Talk. Because am so addicted to blogging and to earning online I created two babies again this year, please visit them if you have time; Artsy Niko and Niko’s Home. Thank you so much! ^_^

Girls Talknikoganda, girls rule, girlstalk
But wait, I am just a part time blogger. Actually, I work full time as a slave Sr Revenue Acctg Analyst on a Telecommunications Company in Makati. So I can only blog nightly and on weekends (after the choir practice). I have a very talkative 26 months old daughter and a masunget sweetest husband on earth. I guess I have a satisfactory convincing power coz my husband is now blogging to team up with my addiction. Can I plug his blog too? (well, visit him here and here please – thank you very much!)

Anyways, Since I have my handfuls already with my 7 blogs and my work I seldom do my blog hopping I think I am losing some blogging friends because of that. If only my 24 hrs can be stretched to 28hrs a day I can have my blog hops everyday! To my friends, hope you understand.. I will be visible in your blogs soon, promise!

I am a wife, a mother, a slave on weekdays, a choir member on weekends and a blogger at heart! Hope you enjoyed reading my life... ^_^

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

get to know rj's mama

Hey everyone! Before I blab about myself, let me thank you all for joining here at Blog Party Host. It has been an exhausting and sleepless 2 weeks of inviting bloggers to join. I encourage you also to invite at least two of your blogger friends. Do ask them personally, leave an invite on their blog, they most very likely will accept your invitation.

Why do I go by the name, RJ's Mama? First of all, my son's name is RJ and second, I don't want to divulge my real name. Although some mommy bloggers are my Facebook friends already. There goes my anonymity!

Why do I want to be an anonymous blogger? I want to interest visitors with my blog posts rather that with my name. They'll just google it and voila! they know more about me that I do! Not that something interesting will come out when you google my name. Mr G doesn't even have my name on his database.

I graduated decades ago from University of the Philippines with an Applied Math degree, Major in Actuarial Science. No, I am not a nerd. And no, I don't like Math now as much as I loved it when I was in 2nd grade. But I do tutor Math

I don't want to think of the day when I have wrinkles and white hair. Uhmm, as soon as I see a white strand on my curly hair, I remove it right away. So technically I don't have white hair.

I am a Bicolana slash Ilocana. I love coffee more than tea. My son and I loves collecting (and yes, reading) books.

And I am sorry, I am not a Noynoy fan yet and maybe will never be.

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Don't forget to come back here and attend Mommy Niko's party on Monday, April 26. Mark your calendars now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

your badge on the guest list

I will be adding your badges once I see you in the followers list. Those who have and will be sending their article, introducing themselves with links back to their blog, will also be added in the guest list. I have already added some, still busy inviting more bloggers to follow and join.

Hope you can invite your followers and blog friends also. Remember: backlinks are very important.

Monday, April 12, 2010


how to be featured as Host Of The Day

blog party attendees

blog party attendees

If it's not your turn to Host the Blog Party yet, don't you fret. Send the requirements right away, remember Blog Hosting slot is on a first-emailed-requirements, first-on-queu basis.

Don't fail to attend the blog party everyday also. By leaving your comments, you also leave your links. Once other blog attendees see your comments, they will surely visit you also at your blog after the party!

where to send the requirements

There are only three requirements:

1. article (introduce yourself here)
2. 125x125 blog badge or picture of yourself
3. 468x60 banner for the header


how to host a blog party

Do you want to be the Host Of The Day? Here's what you should do.

1. Write an article about yourself like this. You can have as many backlinks as you like to your blog posts.
2. E-mail the article (with the a href tags of your links) at
Easy right? Send your article now, hosts are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. I will send an email reply on what date is available for you to host the party.
4. As soon as you receive the email do the following:
     a. Write a post like this "i am now blabbing some stuffs about me".
     b. Schedule it to be published at 12AM on the date you are scheduled to host the party.

You might forget so,  as soon as you receive my email reply, you have to write the post and schedule the publishing on the date you are scheduled to host.

Don't forget to grab the badge and write an invitation post to your blog friends to join the fun!

Don't know yet what a blog party is? Read this.

who is the blogger behind the blog?

Welcome to Blog Party Host.

Do you know what a blog party is? To all those who are shaking their heads, a blog party is a gathering of bloggers for the purpose of socializing with other bloggers.

Have you ever wondered who's the blogger behind the blog that you constantly visit everyday? I have and I want to get to know my favorite bloggers more. What better way to introduce ourselves formally in the blogosphere than to host a blog party!

Here at BlogPartyHost, a blog party will be hosted by a different blogger everyday. This blogger party is totally different from other blog parties. Why? Because before mingling and socializing with other blog party attendees, everyone is encouraged to focus more on getting to know the "Host Of The Day".

Everyone will have the chance to be the host. Remember that there are 365 days in a year.

How to become the host for the day? Here's how.

Thursday, April 8, 2010