Wednesday, April 28, 2010

rossel, the blog addict

Wow! It’s my pleasure to be the Blogger’s Party host today. When RJ’s Mama invited me to be the host I got so excited. Thank you very much, dear!

Most of you know me for sure, but still I want to introduce myself for the sake of those who haven’t been to my sites yet. My first name is Rosalie, but my loved ones and friends call me ROSSEL. It’s only my dad who was calling me Rosalie when he’s pissed with me every time I sneaked out to attend parties and be with my date. Lol!


I used to be an addict reader. I read everything, as in, even the wrapper of smoked fish as my Mom would say. But when an old friend Payatot, introduced me to blogosphere more than a year ago, I got hooked to it. I find blogging more fun and interesting as I am not only reading here, I am also sharing my thoughts and ideas and most importantly, I am meeting new friends everyday, virtual friends to whom I can share my nightmares, hopes and few of my day to day activities. I even shared to the whole world our family dance video. So if you want to see me and my husband dancing, check it out.

My first site is Topics on Earth. I still remember the day I was thinking of a title for this one. I had 6 titles in mind but everything was already taken so I ended up with Topics on Earth. Why Topics on Earth? Aside from the reason that it was the only one available out of the 6 titles, I would love to post here all possible topics on Earth, except of course for pornography, violence and the like. I was then using the alias Butterfly but then realized to reveal the real me. I can say, my writing has improved a lot compared to my first posts. I even attempted to delete one of my posts, the worst ever…Love is Blind or Nagtatangatangahan Lang, but my blogging friends left comments there that has links to their sites, so I decided not to. My bests ever (at least for me) are my post about my husband, a Tribute to a Great Man and the one about my mother, The Greatest Woman I Know.

From then on three more blogs authored by yours truly emerged, the Mom’s Ups and Downs, Kitchen Essentials and Arts, Crafts and More. Yes, that is how addicted I am to blogging.

Despite all of these, I always find time for my family. I cook for them, do household chores and attend to their needs, play and draw with my daughter, watch movies with hubby every night and I wake up early in the morning and prepare my husband's things for the office even I stayed up until 2am blogging and blog hopping. I maybe an addict blogger but I am proud to say that I am also a very loving and caring queen of our home.

Yeah, I know this is quite long because it reached 588 words. I am just overwhelmed and besides I want to take advantage of this hosting. For those who were invited but haven’t decided yet, decide now or else, you are losing a wonderful opportunity. Don’t let good things slip off your hands. To our regular host, I am looking forward to more guestings here, ehehe! Again, thank you very much for this great opportunity and more power to Blogger’s Party.

Follow the links (at least 3) and leave your comments. Don't forget to leave your comment here also to let other attendees know that you're present. Visit other attendees and leave your mark on their blog, next time they will surely visit you too.


♥Willa♥ said...

you are one very busy mommy blogger din pala!

Clarissa said...

I remember the first time I visited her blog--butterfly pa nga ang alias nya nun.It was Mang Payatot that lead me to visit her site and started a friendship in the person of Mommy Rossel^_^ She's one of the nicest person that I have met in blogosphere.I love you,dearie!!^_^

kikamz said...

dami mo na pala blogs mommy rossel ano? you have come a long way. keep it up dear! wish you more blogging success... hugsy!

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