Sunday, April 25, 2010

mommy niko, the brain behind the meme "girls talk"

Hi! I am Niko. I am the blogger behind 7 blogs and counting. Niko's Blog is my first baby in blogging, I started to blog in year 2006 as a stress reliever but later on it became a hobby. I have 3 blogspot blogs; my personal blog aka Niko's Blog, my marriage blog aka Lovers Mushroom, and my daughter’s blog aka Yena’s World. I bought 2 domain blogs last year, the Trendy and Heartily Yours and this blog, Girls Rule, home of the meme Girls Talk. Because am so addicted to blogging and to earning online I created two babies again this year, please visit them if you have time; Artsy Niko and Niko’s Home. Thank you so much! ^_^

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But wait, I am just a part time blogger. Actually, I work full time as a slave Sr Revenue Acctg Analyst on a Telecommunications Company in Makati. So I can only blog nightly and on weekends (after the choir practice). I have a very talkative 26 months old daughter and a masunget sweetest husband on earth. I guess I have a satisfactory convincing power coz my husband is now blogging to team up with my addiction. Can I plug his blog too? (well, visit him here and here please – thank you very much!)

Anyways, Since I have my handfuls already with my 7 blogs and my work I seldom do my blog hopping I think I am losing some blogging friends because of that. If only my 24 hrs can be stretched to 28hrs a day I can have my blog hops everyday! To my friends, hope you understand.. I will be visible in your blogs soon, promise!

I am a wife, a mother, a slave on weekdays, a choir member on weekends and a blogger at heart! Hope you enjoyed reading my life... ^_^

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rjs mama said...

wow! how do you maintain all those blogs? i only have 2 and i am having a hard time maintaining it.

Rache said...

Hi there, I'm following all of niko's blogs. :) Good job niko! :)

peppermayo said...

@rjs mama thanks for inviting me! and i agree, I have 2 blogs too and sometimes feel I don't give them enough attention

@niko is "girls talk" open for everyone? you make keeping 7 blogs sound so easy ;p

Clarissa said...

Bilib din ako kay Niko pot!hirap nga ako magmaintain na iisa lang ang site ko lol!
no wonder she's another supermom sa blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the invite. :)

Mommy Rubz said...

Your doing a great job with seven blogs! I admire mommy powers like that! :)

It's me Mommy Rubz.

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