Tuesday, April 27, 2010

red, the "simple pero rock" mommy

Thank you to RJ's Mama for coming up with this great idea of a Blog Party. Thank you also that she invited me to be a host for a party.

In real life I am known as Mary Rose or simply Marose. But online, I am known as red_amethyst or simply Red. Sometimes, online friends would still call me Red when we meet up. I am a full time employee as Payroll Assistant at a not-so-popular call center in Ortigas, Pasig. I just finished an Associate Degree in Computer Science, so do you ever wonder how I landed as a Payroll Assistant. That would be a long story to bore you :D

I am a mom to Jerome James aka JJ or Jhay - Jhay(just want the spelling to be maarte. lol) and a wife to MJ or Emjhay(yes another maarte spelling courtesy of me). But I am not really maarte, I am just simple. I'm a bit boyish too, I'd rather wear a snickers than a heeled shoes. I enjoy playing with my boys, it may be with the PS2, or a time in the playground or just at home, horsing around playing kilitian na may wrestling, as my son calls it. :D

I'm not complicated but many people find me snobbish at first, maybe because I am really quiet in person especially if it is the first time we met. But once we get to know each other, I have lots of story to tell, from general patronage topic to R18 topics. :D

I do lots online which includes serving food at My cafe(cafe world), harvesting crops(Farm ville), building my own company(Ponzi). I am also fond of playing Plants vs Zombies, Ranch Rush, other online games and a confessed forum addict. I started my blog, Earn Money Online with Red in August 2009, hoping that I can get more referral for my earning sites. But I discovered something else. Blogging is FUN. It's fun reading the different blogs of different people. It's nice getting to know other people online. So I decided to have Simple pero rock, my personal blog. Eventually, I joined different contest, that led me to create Contest & Giveaway craze. A blog dedicated to the different contests online. I am hoping to learn more and more about blogging, and of course, to EARN more and more with blogging. So, if you have any idea to earn, please share it with alright? I would highly appreciate it. lol.

By the way, I have a new baby, My Red Hot Reviews. This site will cater to all the reviews that I will make in the future. My new baby is sad, he has no followers and friends, so please follow me here too and if you are kind enough kindly subscribes to my feeds. thank you so much.
Follow the links (at least 3) and leave your comments. Don't forget to leave your comment here also to let other attendees know that you're present. Visit other attendees and leave your mark on their blog, next time they will surely visit you too.


redamethyst said...

Hello everyone! Come join the party leave a comment, let's get to know each other :)

realgrapiks said...

Hi red... I'm a gate crasher lols! nice intro!

realgrapiks said...

gate crasher here... nice info... hope to be invited next time!

redamethyst said...

hello realgrapiks. Don't worry everyone is welcome here!

admin said...

Wowww.... very fantastic blog. I like it...

Lisa said...

Hello sis grapiks and red :D... dropping by after a tiresome new arrangement in my Cafe World. hehe.. see ya tonight! ;)

Lisa said...

er sis graps, sis red here is my teacher in online earnings :D ... xoxox to both of you

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