Sunday, May 2, 2010

Love Is My Word ... jona (aka wife of ben affleck)

Hi Gayz! Clap your hands everybody! I'm your host for today's party! (That rhymes) Yey! :D

My name is Jona, Jonalyn for long. I'm married to Ben Affleck the most awesome man in the world and we have two boys as the fruit of our love. You'll surely know more about them in my blogs ;)

our most recent family pic

I started blogging in 2006. Sadly, I wasn't able to keep my first blog. Then I learned that I could earn through blogging. I'm already a SAHM by then. So came the birth of my new blog in January 2008, a month after I had a new baby boy.

It's a mom blog. A wifey blog. A food-lover's and a traveller's blog. Everything about me so it's an everything-under-the-sun blog.

In an attempt to create a niche blog about health, Science and technology, I made a new one of my interest. I notice though that it doesn't look like how I planned it to be. It's ok. In the world of blogging there's no pressures from the boss. We're the boss!

I'm taking this opportunity, (by the way, my big thanks to RJ's Mama for inviting me here :D) to have a formal launching of my new blog. It's been here for 2 months but it's now in a new design and hosting.

This blog became the home of With Love Wednesday. A meme about the things we love in life. I love the word "love". Obvious?

With Love Wednesday

To coincide with the launching of Heartifying and my birthday on May 23, I'm having a simple treat! All of you are invited to join! Visit my blog for more details.

Having two blogs either made me more addicted to blogging or maybe it's the result of my addiction to. What do we call those who have 5 or 7 blogs? LOL. I can go through the day without combing my hair. But it hurts me not to be able to blog in a day. But there were many days I need to put blogging aside. Anyway, what do we blog about if not for the real world?

P.S. I love comments. Inbound and outbound.
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rjs mama said...

you're the jennifer garner of the philippines :)

Jona said...

Hahahaha! i was surprised with the title :D JG in my dreams :D haha!

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