Wednesday, June 2, 2010

mommy romarianne: prosperity's mom

I am so happy that our Wonderful Mama of RJ invited me to be the blog party host for today.  If your interested you can be our party host too or better yet  join us at  Facebook Page.

As a host, i have to introduce myself for the other bloggers to learn about me:
My name is Ria Rosaura-Romero, 29 years old, a wife and a mother to one beautiful daughter. I love to cook and eat. I like to read books and collect just anything. I love weddings, adventures, music, sea, park, and everything God created. I am a person of unpredictable characteristics, stubborn yet soft hearted, active yet demure.

That is what you can read in my all about me section in almost all the sites and other social networking that I have joined.  I believe that some of you have known me that much although we have not seen each other yet.  I am very vocal to who I am and I do remember sharing a part of me and my likes in my birthday post.
To those who didn't know me:

I am Romarianne (Yes, that's my full name)
some of you know me as melandria -
because that's what you can see in almost all my post
melandria is the name of my baby - it's a combination of
hubby's nickname (mel) and my nickname (ria)

I was born Romarianne Belarmino Rosaura in a small barrio of Magsaysay, Sta Fe. Romblon at the time Pope John Paul II is visiting Manila.  I was brought by my mother in Manila when I was three months old and was reared by my grand mother Romana  on which my name was taken by my father.

I love to read books and collect just anything;



movies, figurines, shells

I am happily married, Yes, he's not the man of my dreams but i could not find anyone who could understand and care for me more than my la-lavs.

After seven years of waiting and two miscarriage, our Peachy (Prosperity Melandria) was born
on January 2, 2008 via cs - read the full story here:

Before I have learned about blogging I was totally addicted to Facebook (LOL)
You can read my entry here: Signs that your a facebook addict

We love to go to the beach or on a nearby swimming pool

Caramoan Escapade

My family is my life, my world and my hope and inspiration.

I work as a stenographer at MTCC, Naga City.

I love joining contests and winning freebies too!

That is why, I created BabiesandContests
to share with all the wonderful moms the latest and newest
contests around the net, magazine and newspaper.

and most of all, I do love meeting new people and earning friends...
that is why, I am always looking forward in your  next visit.

I HEART TO HEAR FROM YOU!  If you want to exchange links, just leave me a comment I will be delighted to give you back some linky love.

you can start by following my site:

You can visit me here too!

My Journey to Life

Please do join me  in my journey to experience new heights, happiness and trials.

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melandria said...

thanks sis. take care always.

Clarissa said...

I'm a follower of her 'My Journery To Life' and Mommy Ria posted a birthday greetings of me at her site--I was touched coz we were still new friends at that time. Then I became one of her sponsors at her blog contest last time--thank you dearie for having me a part of it!^_^

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