Sunday, May 16, 2010

chris, the mommy behind "Mommy Moments"

If you are a mommy blogger, you probably would have seen Mommy Chris' site The Mommy Journey. She hosts a weekly meme for moms every Friday. Moms from all walks of life join in the fun with the meme which has a weekly theme. She also has other sites where she divulges more about herself in Chris Chronicles and Inspirational Insights.

mommy moments

Chris came from a pure Chinese family. Went to Chinese schools until high school. After graduating from college, Chris was able to work for 7 years as an IT Associate before choosing to become a stay at home
mommy to her first born. Chris was married by the age of 24 and will be celebrating 10 years of marriage with hubby next year!

mommy journey Inspirational Insights Chris Chronicles


Follow the links (at least 3) and leave your comments. Don't forget to leave your comment here also to let other attendees know that you're present. Visit other attendees and leave your mark on their blog, next time they will surely visit you too.


Chris said...

thanks for letting me host your party today :D

Mrs. M @ TLC said...

Hi Chris!
Thanks for hosting the party. You're one busy blogger.

I'm following all your sites now.
Glad to meet you here.

bonz said...

want to join the party!
will be following the 3 blogs, mommy chris!

happy monday!

Cecile said...

rj's mama, today's (17th of May) blog party starts now now here:

Alice Law said...

Hopping from Cecile's blog for mommy party!! Yahooooo...!! Please have a nice day!

Babiesaandcontests said...

hi sis, i also made a post. did you get it?

Clarissa said...

I'm glad to have known Mommy Chris and joined her weekly meme and make friends with other Mommy Moments participants.I soo love her meme although minsan lang akong may entry.

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

wow! 10 years of marriage next year,Way to go!!!
Thanks to Mommy Chris for creating Mommy Moments, now,mom like me is always looking forward to Friday. :)

Mylene said...

Hi Mommy Chris,

I visited you here :) God bless on your party!

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